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LETS - Classroom Tutorials
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Manage Your Media

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Media@UIC is a Media Management System designed to make storing, sharing and presenting your media quicker, easier and better.

Media@UIC allows you to share your videos, photos and audio in 6 easy steps.

Your media is stored on UIC servers.

Media@UIC is powered by Ensemble Video.

Powered by Ensemble Video

supported media

Media@UIC currently supports the following media formats:

  • mp4, m4v, mov
  • fla, flv, swf, f4v
  • wmv, wma (by request)
  • mp3
  • jpeg, gif, png

Media@UIC can display on Tigger, Departmental Web Servers, External sites with a simple copy and paste of one line of code.

more information

Using CSS and custom embed coding, you can integrate the content directly into you own website.

Upload, categorize, share and integrate your media in less than 30 minutes.

If you would like more information about Media@UIC, please send an email to lan@uic.edu


videos can be made accessible with captioning capability

  • mp4, m4v, flv, f4v formats supported
  • W3C DFXP Timed Text format (XML)
  • IITAA Standards - click here
  • example - click here

submit your video

Have a video you want to share? The feature to enable this is Coming Soon!